The Scottish Government have today announced further amendments to the Greening and Crop Diversification Rules, as part of a simplification agenda by the EU announced 13th December 2017. Although the announcement is late for those who have planned ahead, we do feel that this is a positive announce6ment that may benefit those claimants who are currently struggling to meet the Crop Diversification and or Greening Rules, such as livestock or smaller-scale farmers.

The compulsory changes are as follows:

Changes to Crop Diversification Exemptions:

  • The 30 Ha arable limit has been removed
  • Leguminous crops have been included into the list of arable crops alongside TGRS, Fallow and herbaceous forage, which, if combined total more than 75% of the land cover, will make the claimant exempt


Changes to Ecological Focus Area Exemptions:

  • The 30 Ha arable limit has been removed, therefore if more than 75% of the land comprises TGRS, Herbaceous forage, fallow or leguminous crops, then the applicant is exempt from EFA rules.


Crop Diversification Rules:

  • The weighting of Nitrogen Fixing Crops has been increased to 1.0 therefore 1Ha will equal 1Ha
  • Spring Spelt and Winter Spelt (Triticum spelta) are now considered to be two separate crops like Winter and Spring Wheat / Barley


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